Brandon and I started my home buying decision making 9 months ago. At the time I wasn’t sure if buying was in my best interest so to be honest, I was a bit flaky. Well, approximately 2 months ago it became apparent that I needed to purchase a home and Brandon was still there willing to provide his services. The whole loan process was performed flawlessly by Brandon and his team and I must add that this was not my first home purchase, but it has by far been the best experience thanks to Brandon. It’s rare I think that you do this kind of business with a lender and come away feeling like it was a combination of business and friendship. That’s what Brandon does: he makes you feel like more than a customer and that is a rare quality in today’s fast moving environment! Would I recommend Brandon to another home buyer, heck yes. Would Brandon be the first guy I call if I should find myself wanting to buy again, yes without a second thought. Brandon is the best of the best in my humble opinion!!!